Emineo transforming customer from on-prem to Oracle Cloud

In autumn 2017 the Swedish Oracle partner Emineo AB first meet with a potential customer within the gaming/betting industry. Due to new gaming regulations the company needed to find a new platform for their production environment and there was a fixed date (31st of December 2019) when the platform had to be moved out of existing environment.

Emineo presented a couple of solution all the way from a new on-prem environment with new Oracle hardware and licenses via cloud solutions from Azure from another company to Oracle OCI. Emineo won the customers confidence with the Oracle Cloud solution.  Emineo was driving the process together with the customer and in late 2018 the customer decided to move to Oracle Cloud. 

Together with Oracle pre-sale and Cloud Success Managers, Emineo was engaged to run the project in order to help the customer through their digital transformation. During spring and summer 2019 the new OCI environment was set up and tested and late 2019 the production was moved to OCI. 

This project was a success and Emineo is now responsible for the operation of the customer’s OCI environment and looking for ways to expand the OCI foot print.