Symsoft tecknar DBA on Demand

Symsoft har valt Emineo som expert leverantör av databaskompetens och tecknar ett DBA on demandavtal.

Emineo skall fungera både som expertstöd och mentorer samt DBA stöd i vissa projekt och i drift/supportledet. DBA on Demand säkrar Oracle DBA kompetensen samt täcker upp för alla eventualiteter på databassidan. Symsoft får på så sätt också tillgång till mer än 200 års total Oracle DBA erfarenhet från Emineos samlad kompetensbank.

Symsoft, helps mobile operators to increase the profit and to improve the competitiveness by developing, providing and implementing leading real-time systems for charging, messaging and packet data services. The challenge is to enhance the competitiveness of our customers with innovative, secure and cost-efficient solutions.
Symsoft is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, and has a strong worldwide presence with three regional offices; Dubai for the Middle East and African region, Singapore for the Asia Pacific and in Dallas for the North and South Americas. To further support our clients we also have two local offices; in Quito, Ecuador and in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.